– is an original monthly podcast that traverses the intersectionalities of race, politics, and pop culture through humor, debate and frank dialogue. Born out of desire to enhance the existing podcast landscape explicitly targeting millennials of color, reparations seeks to fill a void in comedic productions centered on racial politics. Created, produced, and hosted by Renee Miller and Richard Brookshire, reparations covers ‘all the sh*t you don’t talk about with your white friends’.

RENEE EBONY brings her unique perspective as an entertainment lawyer and a pop-culture enthusiast to bear on all aspects of her life. She has a B.A. and a J.D. neither of which she gives a shit about and she currently makes money as a Creative Campaigner at Mind Yah Bizness Dot Com. She can be found talking epic amounts of trash, putting her feet all on your grandmama's good furniture, drinking grape koolaid without irony and openly hating Don Lemon on Twitter @_reneeebony.

RICHARD BROOKSHIRE is a queer Haitian American writer and political commentator who spends his days deconstructing racial pathologies and perpetuating stereotypes. He is a graduate of Fordham University and holds a Masters in Public Policy with a concentration in Urban Politics & Governance from Columbia University. Richard currently lives off pay day loans endorsed by Black America's premier public intellectual, Montell Williams. He strives to be a thirst trap for racial justice and is 67 percent white and 33 percent West African - according to Ancestry dot com's  at-home DNA testing kit. He code switches every other sentence and loves to bring up race in front of white people. You can find him posting way too much shit about politics on social media @rsbnyc